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A Great Place to Work

When Azeem and Azola were growing up, they both knew that they wanted their careers to involve helping people. They considered studying medicine but finally settled on becoming pharmacists, which would expose them to the retail world and an environment where they could influence the quality of life of their customers. Once they had figured out what they wanted for their careers, both Azeem and Azola applied for bursaries with Clicks.

Azola had a Clicks bursary from her second to fourth years. “Clicks paid off the student loan I had taken out for my first year, which was such a relief,” she says. “The bursary also gave me the peace of mind of knowing that I would have a good job and corresponding salary once I graduated.”

Azeem applied for a bursary in his third year because he reasoned that, with Clicks being the leading pharmaceutical and beauty retailer in South Africa, the company would be an exciting and challenging place to grow. “I knew I would be able to fulfil my ambition to assist patients at Clicks.”

Taking part in an internship programme provides prospective employees with a foundation for their future career growth and a thorough understanding of the structure and culture of the organisation. Azola says, “The exposure I received taught me what retail pharmacy is about and how to run a business. I also learnt how to be resilient and work well under pressure.”

Azeem agrees and adds that Clicks is a great place to work if you have ambition.

“The company offers skills development opportunities and continuous support for us to excel and achieve our potential. There is also ample opportunity to progress your career because internal job opportunities are advertised on easily accessible forums.” - Azeem

Clicks has an employee share ownership scheme, which makes employees partners in the business. Azeem explains: “I was allocated shares in my internship year, which is an incentive to help grow the business and my pharmacy in particular.”

An important feature of working at Clicks is that they recognise and reward people who work hard and achieve great results. “I received the Pharmacy Intern of the Year award and Pharmacist of the Year two years later,” Azeem says. “It’s wonderful working for an organisation that recognises and celebrates your achievements.”

Azola agrees. “When I was promoted to the position of Pharmacy Manager, I knew that my hard work and potential is recognised by my manager and I really appreciate that.”

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