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Klara Von Schlichting started her tenure at Clicks as a Pharmacist and has worked her way through the ranks to become a Regional Manager. Over a period of 14 years she has been responsible for more than 120 stores. “I love how your career can shift and grow within the organisation,” she says.

Even though Clicks is a large corporate, Klara has always felt valued by the organisation. “I work with a diverse group of people and our uniqueness is celebrated and valued throughout the business.”

Clicks is a space where pharmacy professionals can progress from the dispensary environment into a generalist management function. Klara’s pharmacy background was in fact an ideal stepping stone into an operations role, where she needed to have a sound understanding of both the pharmaceutical and front-shop environments to succeed.

“In my current role, it is my responsibility to make strategic decisions to expand our current business,” she says. “I have to look for new business opportunities, develop employees, maximise the profitability of each store and render excellent customer service, which ultimately has a positive impact on our share price.”

Klara’s job is incredibly rewarding. “I’m currently part of a team responsible for rolling out our individual capability-building programme. It gives our people the tools to grow from ordinary to extraordinary,” she explains. “I love seeing people embrace these opportunities and take a leap into the unknown. The results are inspiring.”

Clicks offers a large number of development and training opportunities for employees who are ready to grow and learn. Klara is currently part of the Group’s Leadership Acceleration Programme, which aims to fast-track the development and leadership capabilities of senior leaders. “The experience has been exhilarating and has really expanded my thinking. I have also been nominated to attend an International Leadership Development Programme, which will take me to Ghana, the USA and India. It’s not just the opportunity to grow, it’s being able to share this knowledge with my team that is most important to me.”

Klara points to another benefit of working for Clicks.“The employee share ownership scheme elevates us to the status of owners. The scheme will change the lives of many of us for whom the pay-out will be more than our annual salaries!”

Klara remains inspired by the people around her. “It’s wonderful to see people overcome their difficulties and thrive in the Clicks environment. This truly is a place where you can grow and be your best self if you seize the opportunities offered to you.”

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