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Create a Business within a Business at Metropolitan

When you ask Mantuba Nkhoesa about her job, she says she’s in the business of making people happy. She does so by helping her clients achieve their life goals through the development of their own financial wellness. She is from a small town in the Eastern Cape and has been a manager at Metropolitan’s Khayelitsha branch for close on a decade. It is one of Metropolitan’s top performing branches in the country.

Mantuba describes her role at Metropolitan as similar to owning her own business. Well, a business within a business, that is. A testament to Metropolitan’s focus on entrepreneurship and empowerment, Mantuba is given the freedom to run her branch independently but with the support and backing of a successful, trusted and well-established brand. “The sky’s the limit for me here.”

So, what does it take to achieve this level of success? She believes finding the right people is essential to the smooth operation of her branch. When she hires new financial advisers, Mantuba makes a point of spending the first few months working closely with them to make sure they have what they need to be successful. “To get the younger generation that joins Metropolitan operating at capacity, we must take the time to ensure that they understand the purpose and the meaning of their roles, says Matete Lerutla, Divisional Human Capital Executive at Metropolitan Retail.

“This approach to training new employees ties into Metropolitan’s focus on teaching people to understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Our financial advisers should be financial wellness mentors to our clients.”

“Knowledge is such an important aspect of the work we do, because we’re dealing with people’s money and therefore we always need to give sound advice,” says Mantuba. “I’m grateful that Metropolitan offers its employees countless opportunities to attend training sessions.”

A unique branch culture helps to keep her team happy and motivated. Mirroring Metropolitan’s broader corporate culture, which is inclusive and fair, she tries to create a similar environment in her own branch.

“I need to understand every person that sets foot in my branch – from my financial advisers to our clients. If my advisers aren’t happy, there’s no way they’re going to be able to go out and serve the client. This also ties into Metropolitan’s focus on client-centricity,” she adds. For her, client-centricity is about understanding the financial wellness needs of your client to guide them along the right path.

Looking to the future, Mantuba has her sights set on growing within the company. Fresh out of high school, she initially worked as a financial adviser but was soon promoted to a branch manager. Her career progression illustrates the opportunities a young person entering the workforce can enjoy when joining a company like Metropolitan.

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