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Operating in a Fast Changing Environment

David Moloto has been with Nestlé since 2003 and his enthusiasm for the company has never waned. He has a post graduate degree in Human Resources Management.

David joined Nestlé in 2003 as Head of Leadership Development. Two years later, he was seconded to the Globe Project, which gave him broad exposure to the different components of the business. “It felt like a totally new job”, he says.

In 2006, David was appointed as Head of Talent & Recruitment, which led to his promotion as Head of People, Performance & Development Unit. In 2010, he had the privilege for an expatriation as the Global Head for Talent & Leadership, based in Paris, France. In April 2013, David took on the role of Senior Human Resources Business Partner, based in the Mainz Area in Germany. “Eleven months later I was heading back home to take up the role of Director Human Resources for the Southern Africa Region.”

David’s stint in Europe taught him a great deal, working with multi-cultural teams, operating in a very challenging business environment and focused to make a difference. This experience helped him position Human Resources as a true business partner.

“We operate in a fast-changing environment, which calls for a more agile, personal, customer-centric approach.”

David says that young people are making decisions way sooner than previous generations and they are also questioning the assumptions of the past. “They have a mindset of wanting to make a difference and have a more positive and optimistic outlook,” David explains. “They have a solutions driven work ethic and they deliver on their promises.”

Leading today is interesting challenge because it is critical that leaders provide clear direction and inspiration in periods of ambiguity or uncertainty. “Leaders need to be agile,” he says. “I believe that one must accept certain situations but never be satisfied. That is why we give our people greater challenges earlier on. They need to develop the ability to drive for change and manage for results.”

Many years ago, David had an informal mentor who shaped his perspective on leadership and the Nestlé values. “The main elements were: professional generosity; tough love; going the extra mile to deliver; giving people projects early in their careers; demanding high standards; and not being judgmental. This framework has guided me and, hopefully, made me a better leader.”

One of the things David loves most about his job is that no two days are ever the same.

“Having been with Nestlé for 14 years I have come to accept that each day brings its own challenges and every day sees the team working towards finding solutions for those challenges.”

Our people who are happy at Nestlé understand the importance of respect for each other, customers and consumers as well as the communities in which the company operates. “They are also committed and agile; rise up to the challenges and have the ability to adapt,” David explains. “Our people are aligned towards one common purpose of enhancing quality of life, people and contributing to a healthier future."