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Nupur Sharma

Manager; Communications, Media & Technology Practice

Nupur is part of an innovative practice at Accenture that consults for many of the world's top tech firms, telcos and media companies. Currently she leads a team focusing on augmented reality (AR) initiatives.

Describe your journey to Accenture and what made it stand out as a place to work.

A friend of mine had joined Accenture in the Midwest and sold me on the company and on consulting. What hooked me with Accenture is our breadth of clients across industries and our work in the non-profit space. I was also attracted to the idea that there is no “typical” work day. These days, people are expected to switch careers 4-7 times in their lifetime, sometimes I feel like an anomaly having been at the same company for nine years. But that’s partly because I’ve been able to change my day job drastically – in terms of industries and clients – while having the security of being at a top company. Part of Accenture’s DNA is to support our people in exploring their interests and opportunities and where they can excel within the firm.

How did you get involved in the AR space?

Digital innovation is high on Accenture’s agenda across industries. I first got involved in AR when I was doing change management work at a technology industry client. During these changes internal communication is critical, and the client was looking for an innovative way to engage and communicate with their employees globally. I don’t know anyone who reads every internal email or newsletter they receive, and couldn’t expect that our clients do so either. So we decided to use AR to provide updates on the transformation that we were helping with for end users worldwide. That was a great application of the technology, and we quickly saw that we could use the same technology for marketing, training, tours and more. It’s like real time, real world innovation and we do it regularly with our clients.

How has Accenture provided you with opportunities to be a leader?

Accenture has given me an opportunity to become a leader within the AR space. After securing funding from my own leadership, I had full support to work with our internal developers, marketing and legal teams to create our own version of an AR app that would become a new client offering. As a result I’ve not only had an opportunity to be a leader in AR, but also to be part of a leading edge startup within my firm.

What does “innovation” mean to you?

I’m aligned to the technology industry and in this space, innovation is your means of survival. In a business where the only constant is change, you have to be forward looking for how you can be better, faster, and stronger. It’s an amazing time to be in technology. We’re facing a whole new wave of paradigms so I see it as an opportunity for me, my company and our clients. That inspires me to work harder and think bigger.

Any advice for those entering the workforce?

Foster relationships with informal mentors. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have an interest in new areas or new places to apply your best skills. At the same time, do your job and do it well. All the ‘extras’ don’t matter if you don’t.

Accenture Universum Awards

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Some interesting facts about Accenture

Accenture’s revenues for fiscal 2015 were US$31 billion.

With five distinct businesses – Strategy, Consulting, Digital, Technology and Operations – career opportunity is endless.

Accenture has been recognized among FORTUNE’s Most Admired Companies for 14 consecutive years.

By the end of 2017, Accenture will increase the diversity of its workforce by growing its percentage of women new hires to at least 40 percent.