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Omar P. Turay

Plant Operations Manager

In addition to his responsibilities as a Plant Operations Manager, Omar is motivated to use his knowledge of the agriculture industry to be a leader within the organization - and to find a solution to eradicate world hunger.

Describe your background and interests.

Growing up in Chicago, my knowledge of the agriculture (ag) industry was limited to occasional views of corn fields along the highway. However, in college I learned about the complex role agriculture plays around the world. Everyone needs to eat, whether they have access to food or not. I quickly became fascinated with the industry.

Can you describe your journey within Cargill?

I interned at a turkey processing plant my junior year and experienced “farm-to-table” first hand. My internship was exciting, and I loved working with others to organize all the moving parts in a processing plant. In my current role I manage the operations of a plant with seven-hundred people, of which I am directly responsible for two-hundred. My journey has been rewarding and fruitful, I have worked in four different facilities with endless opportunity to grow and develop within Cargill.

Describe the leadership opportunities you have.

I have to step up as a leader every day. On an operational level, my priority is that everyone goes home safe and that we produce food ethically that meets all USDA compliances in an efficient manner. This is a huge responsibility that Cargill entrusts me with even at a young age. Just as I’ve been supported by mentors, I make sure to coach my team to become better leaders daily.

How about opportunities for development?

From being involved in university recruitment to the Cargill Associate Management Trainee Program, I’ve had many opportunities to grow within the company. The company supported me through my MBA degree and also funded a training program to help me discover who I am as a leader. I’ve worked in 4 different processing plants and regardless of the location, each plant has the same culture of trust, integrity, and support.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired to use my knowledge of the agriculture industry to find a solution to eradicate world hunger. I hope to continue using my skills and experience to mobilize food programs and develop sustainable agriculture supply chains around the globe.

Some interesting facts about Cargill

We buy, process and distribute grain, oilseeds and other commodities to makers of food and animal nutrition products. We also provide crop and livestock producers with farm services and products.

We provide food and beverage manufacturers, foodservice companies and retailers with high-quality ingredients, meat and poultry products, and health-promoting ingredients.

Cargill serves industrial users of energy, salt, starch and steel products. We also develop and market sustainable products made from agricultural feedstocks.

We provide our agricultural, food, financial and energy customers around the world with risk management and financial solutions.