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Let’s face it: This time of year, your summer vocation is not top of mind—there are holiday cookies to be eaten and sales to be shopped. But there are some steps you can take now to be prepared in advance of those looming spring application deadlines.

1. TALK UP YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS ON PAST INTERNSHIPS. While you’re enjoying their company this December, see if there’s any career advice to be reaped. If your high school friend landed an awesome internship at an ad agency last summer, ask for advice of how you can follow suit.

2. UPDATE (OR WRITE) YOUR RESUME. Take the time to make sure your resume is up to date and ready for career center reviewing this spring.

3. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. A lot of companies have internships but don’t post them on mass job boards. Research companies in your area and go to their individual job websites to learn about their summer internship opportunities. Create a bookmark list of companies so you’re ready to apply in the spring.

4. MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR CAREER FAIRS. Your school’s career center posts this information well in advance of the actual date. Make a note in your Google calendar.

5. RETHINK SOCIAL MEDIA. We know, you’ve heard it before: clean up your online presence. But in addition to taking down the beer pong photos, start following potential employers and their HR departments on Twitter and Facebook. You’ll gain valuable company-specific talking points for future interviews—not to mention, they may share interview tips and remind you of application deadlines.