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Gary Spulak

President, Embraer Aircraft Holding, Inc.

When Gary joined Embraer, it was still very much a Brazil-based company. Today, Embraer is a multinational leader in the aerospace industry. As President of Embraer North America, Gary is committed to providing his team with challenging assignments and the opportunity for international exposure, as well as leveraging the latest technologies to propel the company forward.

As a leader at Embraer, what excites you most about the future of the company?

Embraer has progressed over the last 47 years from being a state-owned manufacturer of a military aircraft to a global, industry-leading manufacturer of some of the most advanced aerospace products. Our ability to design, build, and market game-changing products and services, and our research & development centered in engineering, propulsion, advanced composites and structures, robotics, systems development tools, simulation tools, and electronics, will allow us to take advantage of the exciting technological opportunities of tomorrow to meet our customer’s expectations.

Describe your journey to your current role.

First starting in retailing and after receiving my Master’s degree, I worked at an international professional services firm on a wide range of engagements with international clients across various industries. As is often the case, one of those clients hired me as a member of their team, and that was Embraer. At the time, the company was taking its first step out of Brazil to penetrate the world’s largest aerospace market, the United States. When I started 33 years ago, we were only about 30 employees in the United States. In that time, we’ve grown to over 1,600 employees here.

Why is Embraer a great place to start a career?

The new generation that joins the Embraer family will find a collaborative and innovative environment, where modern dynamics are matched with industry expertise and experience. In addition, the aerospace industry is truly global. Not many industries can provide the same breadth of challenging assignments in a technology-driven and global marketplace. And really, airplanes are still a miracle in technology.

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