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Welcome to Universum Top 100!

Do you want to know who North America's most attractive employers are? Then you have come to the right place! Universum Top 100 is a career guidance tool which includes insights from the U.S. Student Survey. These surveys examine a range of career preferences and expectations of talent across the nation. This year, over 80,000 students shared their views with us and voted for who they think are the most attractive employers in the country.

The Universum Top 100 is not just a website packed with inspiration, there are also many career guidance articles included, as well as other useful tools to help you make your way in the complex world of work. So many factors come into play when considering which companies to apply for and when trying to figure out where you would be a great fit. For example, how do you know if a company shares the same values as you and whether you would fit in the company culture?

When choosing which companies you would like to work for, it is important to understand what their values are, what the culture is like and is this in line with what you want. Will you be able to achieve both your long term and short term career goals? We hope that the Universum Top 100 will help you with answering some of these perplexing questions and help you find the company that would be a great fit for you!

We have listed the rankings for those employers who students in the U.S. have voted as the Most Attractive Employers. The rankings have been divided into following areas of study: Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Humanities, Law and Health Sciences.

The Universum Top 100 is produced and published by Universum Communications in the United States. Universum is the world leader in employer branding. For more than 20 years Universum has been helping companies to become more attractive to targeted talent, while providing talent with relevant and up to date information about the world of work. On a global level, Universum surveys over 1 000 000 students and professionals every year, giving us a great knowledge base and extensive global network of young talent. We also produce a range of media, both print and digital, with the aim of connecting talent and employers in a meaningful way.